Famous Bands from Northampton

Famous Bands from Northampton

While the biggest bands in the world may not hail from Northampton, this is not to say that the musical talent there is not up to standard. From infectious indie-rock to new and vintage pop, the city has birthed numerous interesting and quality acts, and so here is Guitar Lessons Northampton's rundown of those you should definitely check out to give you that inspiration for becoming Northampton's next finest export.

New Cassettes are a quintet from Northampton who has released two studio albums and three EPs to date. Having formed in 2005, they have since been featured extensively on Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music as a fresh and invigorating injection in the somewhat stale world of current indie-rock. The band have supported the Strokes and after having visited Los Angeles, they were picked up by MTV who served as partners for their second album. Don't let this fool you, though, the New Cassettes retain their British influences, with essences of the Libertines and Bloc Party in their sound, showing that a group of five guys from Northampton can make an impact.

Faye Tozer is a singer-songwriter, actress and dancer, but perhaps most famous for being one-fifth of the pop-powerhouse that was Steps. Born in Northampton, Faye Tozer's rise to fame peaked at being inaugurated as pop royalty with arguably one of the most successful bands of the late '90s. After their tragic split in 2001, Tozer moved on to the theatre and starred in a series of successful shows even playing Eva Cassidy in the biographic musical. However, the United Kingdom will surely never forget the impact that Steps had on the music world, selling over 25 million records with their supreme cover versions and joyfully catchy melodies. After numerous futile attempts to reunite, the moment everyone had been waiting for finally happened in 2012, with a new album and an arena tour serving to cement Faye Tozer's role in the Northampton musical pedigree.

V V Brown hails from Northampton and attended school near the city, which her parents own and work at. Not just a pretty face, V V Brown received offers from four top universities, yet declined them to pursue her music career. Imbuing infectious pop music with influences from hip hop to jazz, V V Brown presents truly an interesting take on the current sound, with her first album garnering positive reviews highlighting her ability to move seamlessly between genres and styles. Having played huge festivals like Glastonbury, touring extensively with the likes of Babyshambles, and securing monumental advertising deals, you are sure to have heard V V Brown, even if you didn't recognise it. Brown is the very model of somebody using sheer passion and musical talent to achieve her goals, why not see if Guitar Lessons Northampton can unlock the same skills in you?

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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